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World Football Records 2023

Keir Radnedge

The best-selling collection of football facts, stats and stories is back!

World Football Records 2023 offers a unique presentation of facts and stats from the world of international football. Focusing simultaneously on all the major world and continental tournaments, national team records, exceptional matches and the stars who made it all possible, this exhaustively researched annual tells the stories of these key moments and some of the tales behind them.

* Updated stats and facts for all recent major tournaments, awards and international teams.
* The latest record-breaking achievements of more than 35 featured nations from around the world, including a sidebar with key stats, as well as updates and records for most of the other 170+ FIFA members.

Keir Radnedge has covered football for more than 50 years and written countless books on the subject. As a journalist, he worked for the Daily Mail and the Guardian and was General Editor of World Soccer, the most respected English language publication on the world game.

Category:  Sport Books
ISBN:  9781802793536
Publisher:  Welbeck Publishing|
On sale:  December 2022
Format:  Hardback
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