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Why Vibes Matter

Garret Yount

We've all had 'that' feeling, we've felt our mood shift (good or bad), or sensed an 'atmosphere' when we've walked into a room, or noticed positivity radiating from someone. There is a distinct quality that connects all of these experiences ? a sensory and energy shift that's often called 'vibes'.


Vibes have the power to change the way we feel and the way we behave. But what exactly are they, why do we experience them and how can we use them?


Garret Yount, Ph.D, has been researching the science of vibes for over 20 years. In Why Vibes Matter he explains what physical processes can lead us to experience a 'vibe' or shift in energy and how we can use certain techniques to harness their power to help us to heal and grow.


Garret explores how vibes can affect people, places and situations, and brings us the science behind our reactions. He then walks you through various techniques you can use to become more attuned to your reactions and master your responses to enhance your life.


Why Vibes Matter Paperback edition by Garret Yount

Garret Yount is a molecular neurobiologist whose work applies rigorous science to the study of consciousness. His research has featured in various media, including books Entangled Minds (Dean Radin) and Extraordinary Knowing (Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer), and dramatized in The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown).

Category:  Popular Psychology
ISBN:  9781801292740
Publisher:  Welbeck Publishing Group
On sale:  August 2023
Format:  Paperback
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