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The Rabbit Hutch

Tess Gunty

A young mother with a secret. A woman waging a solo campaign against rodents. Separated by the thin walls of the Rabbit Hutch, a low-cost housing complex in the run-down Indiana town of Vacca Vale, these individual lives unfold. But Blandine is different. Ethereally beautiful and formidably intelligent, she shares an apartment with three teenage boys she neither likes nor understands, all of them - like her - products of the state foster system. Plagued by her past, let down by the very structures that were supposed to keep her safe, she spends her days reading Dante and dreaming of becoming a female mystic. Until, that is, one sweltering week in July culminates in an act of violence that will change everything, and finally offer her a chance to escape. Blandine is desperate to save a community that has been left behind, but that salvation will come at a terrible price. Bristling with intelligence and humour, The Rabbit Hutch is a piercing look at a community on the brink, from a major new voice in American fiction.

Tess’s debut novel, The Rabbit Hutch, will be published by Knopf on August 2nd, 2022. Her second novel, Honeydew, will publish in 2023. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from NYU, where she was a Lillian Vernon Fellow. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Iowa Review, Joyland, Freeman’s, the Los Angeles Review of Books, No Tokens, Flash, and elsewhere. Tess lives in Los Angeles. She is represented by Duvall Osteen at Aragi Inc.

Category:  Contemporary Fiction
ISBN:  9780861544813
Publisher:  Oneworld Publications
On sale:  September 2022
Format:  Paperback
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