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The Pocket Guide to the Patriarchy

Maya Oppenheim

The essential guide for women everywhere, The Pocket Guide to the Patriarchy is full to the brim with unbelievable stats, shocking figures, and empowering knowledge to understand and fight the patriarchal systems holding all of us back.

Across the world, women are still denied opportunities and rights. The home remains the most dangerous place for women to be worldwide; with the majority of homicide victims who are women being killed by partners or relatives. In some countries, women who get abortions after they are raped face jail time. Less than 20 per cent of landholders in the world are women. Despite all these truths, many would prefer to blame women. For not demanding a seat at the table. For walking home alone at night. For not working hard enough to overcome the odds that are stacked against them.

In her first fact-filled, inclusive, and energising book, Maya Oppenheim supplies you with the unforgettable realities, real-world anecdotes, and tales of resistance to help you combat denial and continued injustice as the far-right grows and women's rights come under attack. If yet another rebuttal of patriarchy leaves you lost for words, this book can be pulled out of your pocket.

Utilising her breadth of experience as Women's Correspondent at The Independent - and as the only women's correspondent at a UK news outlet - Maya leaves no stone left unturned and sparks new conversations on:

  • Women's Health
  • Sexual Violence
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Sex Work
  • Policing
  • Far Right
  • Abortion Rights

And much more.

Maya Oppenheim is The Independent's Women's Correspondent and the only Women's Correspondent at a UK news outlet. Since starting the role in 2018, she has reported extensively on the themes explored in her book - carrying out interviews with survivors who have first-hand experience of the issues, experts, campaigners, and frontline workers.

Category:  Feminism & Feminist Theory
ISBN:  9781398718739
Publisher:  Orion Publishing Group Ltd
On sale:  September 2023
Format:  Hardback
eBook ISBN   
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