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The Book Of Lists

David Wallechinsky, Amy Wallace

The first and best compendium of facts weirder than fiction, of intriguing information and must-talk-about trivia has spawned many imitators - but none as addictive or successful.

For nearly three decades the editors researched curious facts, unusual statistics and the incredible stories behind them. The most entertaining and informative of these have been brought together in this edition.

The Book Of Lists Paperback edition by David Wallechinsky

David Wallechinsky has worked as a commentator for NBC Olympic coverage and is the author of many Olympic reference books and other reference books. He is the author of The Complete Book of the Summer Olympics and The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics series. He is also known for his work on The People's Almanac and The Book of Lists series. He splits his time between Santa Monica, California and the south of France.

Amy Wallace was the author of Sorcerer's Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Castaneda. She was the daughter of bestselling novelist Irving Wallace and co-author of several of the Wallace family's non-fiction collaborations.

Category:  Art, Creative & Style
ISBN:  9781838858063
Publisher:  Canongate Books
On sale:  August 2023
Format:  Paperback
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