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Take Command

Michael A Crom & Joe Hart

Take Command offers powerful tools and time-tested methods to help you take charge of your thoughts, relationships and future.

A successful life starts with the self. How do we use the power of mindset to deal with stress and anxiety, gain perspective on negative emotions, and build resilience? Once we understand our inner lives, how do we create enriching, rewarding, and enduring relationships? How do we deal with difficult people and manage conflict? After mastering our thoughts and relationships, how do we live courageously and bring out the best in ourselves and other people?

For more than one hundred years, the wisdom of Dale Carnegie has provided millions of people around the world with richer, more fulfilling relationships and a happier way of life. Now, Take Command combines decades of Dale Carnegie's award-winning training into a master text that tells you everything you need to know about the art of human relations. Based on expert research and interviews with more than a hundred high-performing leaders, this book gives you the strategies you need to unlock your full potential and create the life you want.

Michael Crom is a Board Member of Dale Carnegie & Associates and is also Dale Carnegie's grandson. Joe Hart is the CEO of Dale Carnegie & Associates. Since 1912, Dale Carnegie Training has helped millions of people and businesses around the world improve their performance. In over eighty countries and in more than thirty languages, the company applies Dale Carnegie's founding principles to inspire individual and organizational transformation, excellence, and success by tapping into each person's potential. Take command of your business performance, career, and your future by visiting DaleCarnegie.com to learn more.

Category:  Business, Finance & Law
ISBN:  9781398518575
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster Ltd
On sale:  February 2023
Format:  Paperback
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