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Skulduggery Pleasant: A Mind Full of Murder

Derek Landy

A bone-shaking new trilogy begins – the latest adventure in the bestselling Skulduggery Pleasant series

A murder. A mystery.

Two murders, actually. Well, three, if you’re counting. Oh, look, here comes a fourth . . .

So much murder that skeleton detective Skulduggery Pleasant must annoy Valkyrie Cain, the infamous Destroyer of Worlds, with his incredible deduction abilities at every available opportunity. As Valkyrie’s irritation grows, the detectives sink deeper into a hidden world of dark motivations, festering hatred and unimaginable pain.

And a teensy bit more murder.


Derek Landy lives near Dublin. Before writing his children's story about a sharply-dressed skeleton detective, he wrote the screenplays for a zombie movie and a murderous horror film. "I think my career-guidance teacher is spinning in her grave," he says, "or she would be if she were dead."


Category:  Children's Fiction
ISBN:  9780008585839
Publisher:  HarperCollins
On sale:  April 2024
Format:  Paperback
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