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Regrets of the Dying

Georgina Scull

'A beautiful and moving reminder to appreciate life' Roxie Nafousi, author of Manifest

'This book may on first glance appear to be about death and regrets, but is in reality about life and choices. It is warmly life-affirming ... A magnificent read that will inspire. I loved it' Sue Black

'So beautiful ... Perfectly written and judged ... A wonderful book that made me grasp life a little more firmly' Dr Chris van Tulleken

A powerful, moving and hopeful book exploring what people regret most when they are dying and how this can help us lead a better life.

If you were told you were going to die tomorrow, what would you regret?

Ten years ago, without time to think or prepare, Georgina Scull ruptured internally. The doctors told her she could have died and, as Georgina recovered, she began to consider the life she had led and what she would have left behind.

Paralysed by a fear of wasting what seemed like precious time but also fully ready to learn how to spend her second chance, Georgina set out to meet others who had faced their own mortality or had the end in sight.

Georgina Scull is an award-nominated writer and broadcaster who has created numerous programmes for BBC Radio 4, with more in the works. This is her first book.

Category:  Popular Psychology
ISBN:  9781802790726
Publisher:  Welbeck Publishing Group
On sale:  May 2023
Format:  Paperback
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