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Rebel: The extraordinary story of a childhood in the 'Children of God' cult

Faith Morgan

My name is Faith Morgan and I was born into the infamous Children of God cult, or 'The Family' as it came to be known. At age 19 I managed to escape and entered a world in which I had to learn how to live again. Rebel is my story.

My teenage diary helps piece the story of my travels in Costa Rica, India, Greece, Mexico, and London together. Of the communes, the 'missions', the friendships and the relationships. And of course, my enduring faith: in Jesus, in the Prophet (cult leader David Berg), and in the inevitability of the coming end times, which I fully believed would arrive.

But beyond the brainwashing and mistreatment is the extraordinary story of my family and the adventures of my early life which help me understand what happened and why, so it doesn't happen to others. The spirit of that defiant girl who escaped is still in there somewhere, and through telling my story I wish to look into the eyes of 'evil', with its many faces so I can send it on its way.



Faith Morgan was born in 1973 to an Argentinian father and English mother. The third child of seven, she was the first of her siblings to be born into the cult The Children of God, later known as The Family of Love. During her time in the cult she lived in communes and travelled extensively as directed by the cult leaders with the purpose of spreading the word. In early 1991, aged 19, she found the courage to escape and now lives in the Home Counties with her family. Faith Morgan is a pseudonym.

Category:  Biography & Memoirs, Religion
ISBN:  9781529347609
Publisher:  Hodder & Stoughton
On sale:  July 2021
Format:  Paperback
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