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Mind Over Mountain

Robby Kojetin

A simple mistake at an indoor climbing gym sentenced 28-year-old Robby to a year in a wheelchair, shattering his aspirations of becoming a mountaineer. In the months that followed, Robby faced depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and a complete loss of his sense of identity.

But from somewhere deep inside him, he summoned up the strength to keep going even when all seemed lost; he embarked on a monumental journey, a feat of mental and physical strength. His weakness became his power. This story is more than a biography or an account of a mountaineering expedition – it showcases the human spirit and shows us all how it is possible to rewrite the definition of what is possible.

From those dark days, Robby has become the embodiment of perseverance and possibility, overcoming the odds to join the handful of people who have summited Mount Everest.


Robby Kojetin lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and is a high-altitude adventurer. Since his accident in 2006, which resulted in him breaking both of his ankles, he has gone on to become one of only a handful of people to have stood on top of the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest. He has also climbed Kilimanjaro nine times, completed the Ironman triathlon, and scaled five of the Seven Summits. Known as an inspirational and engaging speaker on stage, he presents on the topics of failure, self-doubt and persisting against all odds, in the hope of inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds facing the daunting mountains and obstacles in their lives. Robby is a proud husband and father.

Category:  Biography & Memoir, Sport
ISBN:  9781789561050
Publisher:  Welbeck Publishing Group
On sale:  September 2019
Format:  Paperback
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