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How to Train Your Skateboard

Jack Francis , Illustrated by Ewa Zak

The thirteen tricks and moves that all skaters need, stylishly presented.

The beginner skateboarder will learn about their board and how to maintain it, a little about skatepark etiquette and safety, and all the basic moves necessary to get off to a confident start. The book then takes the thirteen key tricks that every skateboarder wants to learn and breaks them down into clear step-by-step instructions, with specially commissioned illustrations making them easy to follow and a pleasure to look at. With Jack's expert guidance you'll master the basic skills, and soon be popping doing ollies, kickflips, board slides, shuv-its and more.

Jack Francis learned to skateboard soon after he learned to walk, and has since ridden his deck in cities around the world. He now teaches skateboarding in Brighton, UK. Ewa Zak is a Berlin-based illustrator and designer.

Category:  Miscellaneous Items
ISBN:  9781837760060
Publisher:  Thames & Hudson Ltd
On sale:  July 2023
Format:  Hardback
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