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Girls They Write Songs About

Carlene Bauer

From the critically acclaimed author of Frances and Bernard comes this unforgettable power ballad to female friendship

We moved to New York to want, undisturbed and unchecked. And what did we want?

Rose and Charlotte arrive in 1990s New York, fresh out of college and full of ambition. When they end up working at the same music magazine, Charlotte earnest, bookish is wary of brash, outspoken Rose. But hesitancy gives way to begrudging admiration, gives way to a unique bond of friendship that will change both girls forever.

Determined to take advantage of every day in this terrifying, thrumming, jubilant city, their lives become entirely entwined. Together they find love and lose it, see each other through marriages, motherhood, divorces, career glories and catastrophes. But what does it mean to let go of the person who makes you who you are? Can you stand by your choices if your soulmate can't do the same?

Fiery, poignant and pulsating with energy, this one-of-a-kind novel is a love letter to the friendships that shape us, and the women who make us who we are.  

Carlene Bauer is the author of the memoir Not That Kind of Girl and the novel Frances and Bernard. Her work has been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Virginia Quarterly Review, n+1, The New York Times Book Review, and Elle. She lives in Brooklyn.

Category:  Contemporary Fiction
ISBN:  9780861545223
Publisher:  Oneworld Publications
On sale:  August 2022
Format:  Paperback
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