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Everyone Versus Racism: A Letter to My Children

Patrick Hutchinson

‘I just want equality, equality for all of us. At the moment, the scales are unfairly balanced and I just want things to be fair for my children, my grandchildren and future generations.’

On 13 June 2020, Patrick Hutchinson, a black man, was photographed carrying a white injured man to safety during a confrontation in London between Black Lives Matter demonstrators and counter-protestors. The powerful image was shared and discussed all around the world.

Everyone versus Racism is a poignant letter from Patrick to his children and grandchildren. Writing from the heart, he describes the realities of life as a black man today and why we must unite to inspire change for generations to come.


Patrick Hutchinson is a personal trainer and a children’s athletics coach from south London who received worldwide attention after he was photographed carrying an injured counter-protestor to safety during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in central London. The photograph, which was taken by Dylan Martinez at a protest in response to the killing of George Floyd and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been upheld as a defining moment of 2020 and the BLM movement. As a proud father-of-four and a grandfather-of-four, family is at the heart of everything for Patrick and if he isn’t training you will find him taking care of his children and grandchildren, who are the most important things to him of all.

Category:  Current affairs
ISBN:  9780008443993
Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers
On sale:  December 2020
Format:  Hardback
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