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8 Step Confidence Crash Course

Domonique Bertolucci

Build your self-confidence with the 8 Step Confidence Course, and feel good about who you are and the life you live.

There is something more important than achieving your goals, it is feeling good about yourself regardless. In the 8 Step Confidence Course, happiness expert Domonique Bertolucci shows you exactly what you need to do to feel good about who you are, and the life you live.

Your confidence shouldn't be dependent on the goals you have achieved, the feedback you get from others, your waistline or the amount in your bank account. Self-confidence isn't based on what you've got or what you've done.

But how do you build and maintain self-confidence? This eight-step course has been designed to inspire you to achieving ongoing self-confidence and feeling good about who you are.

8 Step Confidence Crash Course Hardback edition by Domonique Bertolucci

Domonique Bertolucci is the best-selling author of The Happiness Code: 10 Keys to Being the Best You Can Be, and has a client list that reads like a who's who of CEOs and business identities, award-winning entrepreneurs and celebrities. Passionate about getting the life you want and loving the life you've got, Domonique's workshops and online courses are attended by people from all walks of life, from all around the world.

Domonique helps her clients define their personal happiness prescription and then shows them exactly how to make it their reality. More than ten million people have seen, read or heard her advice.

Domonique has a global reach, coaching people in Australia, New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Toronto, Singapore and Hong Kong. Her weekly newsletter Love Your Life has readers in more than sixty countries. When she is not working, Domonique's favourite ways to spend her time are with her husband and two children, reading a good book, and keeping up the great Italian tradition of feeding the people that you love. Her very popular website and blog is www.domoniquebertolucci.com.

Category:  Popular Psychology
ISBN:  9781743798683
Publisher:  Welbeck Publishing Group
On sale:  August 2023
Format:  Hardback
eBook ISBN   
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