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Xtinct! Tiger Hunt

Ash Stone

After Jeevan saved a T-Rex from dangerous hunters in the summer, he thinks his biggest adventure is behind him. Winter is here, and with it there's snowball fights and snowboarding races with his Neanderthal friend, Toe. It would be the perfect winter, if Barron Fox's new hunting lodge wasn't progressing so quickly, and if his mum wasn't so obsessed with recreating his earlier accident at the lab.

When she tries to bring another harmless fossil of an extinct passenger pigeon back to life, she's sure nothing could go wrong...

Perfect for fans of Beast Quest, Deadly 60 and Jurassic Park, these action-packed adventures will inspire readers to help save endangered species and combat extinction.

Ash Stone is a writer who's spent much of their life travelling the world to help rescue endangered animals from the brink of extinction. After recently settling down in a new home in the woods, the only dangerous predators Ash comes across are the ones in the adventure stories they love to write.

Category:  Children’s Fiction
ISBN:  9781408365717
Publisher:  Hachette Children’s Group
On sale:  November 2022
Format:  Paperback
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