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When We Were Bright and Beautiful

Jillian Medoff

You can have everything and still not have enough.

Cassie Quinn may be only twenty-three, but she knows a few things. One: money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Two: family comes first. Three: her younger brother, Billy, is not a rapist.

When Billy, a junior at Princeton, is arrested for assaulting his former girlfriend, Cassie races home to Manhattan to join forces with her parents and older brother. While certain of his innocence, the Quinns know that Billy fits the all-too-familiar sex offender profile—white, athletic, and privileged—that makes headlines and sways juries. So as the clock ticks and the law closes in, the family scrambles to hire the best defence money can buy.

Meanwhile, Cassie struggles to understand why Billy’s ex would go this far, even if the breakup was painful. She knows better than anyone how the end of first love can destroy someone: her own years-long affair with a powerful, charismatic man left her shattered, and she’s only recently regained her footing. Cassie vows she’ll do whatever it takes to exonerate her brother. But what if that means exposing her own darkest secrets to the world?

Jillian Medoff is the author of the national bestseller I Couldn’t Love You More, as well as the novels Good Girls Gone Bad and Hunger Point. A former fellow at MacDowell, Blue Mountain Center, VCCA, and Fundación Valparaiso, she has an MFA from NYU. In addition to writing fiction, Jillian has a long career in management consulting and is currently a Senior Consultant at the Segal Group, where she advises clients on all aspects of the employee experience. 


Category:  Fiction: Family Life
ISBN:  9780063142039
Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers Inc
On sale:  September 2023
Format:  Trade Paperback
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