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When Love Goes South

Emma Power

When Love Goes South is a guide that will teach you how to navigate relational conflict and challenges with game-changing results.

People don't often work on their relationships when they are flying high. But when love gets tough, they reach out. Help, however, isn’t always readily accessible. That's where When Love Goes Southsteps in.

This pocket-sized guide is the relationship counselling session that many people need, but never quite get to, covering a wide range of relationships, from marriage to families to colleagues to the rude salesperson that just shut you down.

The natural sequel to Emma's book How to Have Meaningful RelationshipsWhen Love Goes South will create a new paradigm of relating, offering the reward of getting safely and successfully to the other side of pain and challenge.

Emma Power is a relationships educator, author and speaker. She has dedicated the past decade to traveling the world teaching people how to find connection and joy in their relationships and sexuality. She is the author of How to Have Meaningful Relationships, and the Founder of Tantra Is Love and The Awaken School. Emma regularly speaks at festivals, hosts retreats and workshops, and travels extensively to teach a range of eager audiences. She appears on Triple J, Channel 7 and throughout Australia’s major publications and media. Her most popular events include her regular, sold-out Relationships Workshops, Sexuality Workshops, Women’s Workshops and her online course, Self Love Club. Talking to Emma is like talking to your older sister, or best friend. Her passion shines through in her dedication to empower others through her teachings. She is renowned for her relatable, down to earth teaching style and has a gift for putting people at ease while speaking and writing about in-depth and intimate topics.

Category:  Psychology & self-help
ISBN:  9781743797631
Publisher:  Hardie Grant Publishing
On sale:  May 2022
Format:  Hardback
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