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What the Moon Gave Her

Christi Steyn

It is never too late to become all that you envision. Your birth happens more than once so sink into each feeling of uncertainty and ride with the waves.

From loneliness, fear, and change comes a breathtaking collection of poetry that inspires strength and self-healing during a time when we couldn't feel farther apart.

What the Moon Gave Her is a poetry collection born from self-discovery. The debut collection from Christi Steyn delves into themes of self-doubt, anxiety, and the unprecedented loss felt during the height of the pandemic. Beauty is found in every corner of this book's six dynamic chapters--"birth by the ocean", "youplucked too many petals," "how to grow wings," "dancing dolphins," "full moon/bloom" and "two trees intertwined"

What the Moon Gave Her is a moving collection about rebirth and the way we reconnect with the world around us through love.

Christi is a South-African born model/actress currently living in New York. Christi studied theater and has honors in Cabaret and English, has written one-woman shows, and took classical singing for five years. She has a degree in English/Dramatic Arts Education. For acting, she studied at New York Film Academy.

For her modeling career, Christi is signed with Stetts Models in New York and Pulse Models in South Africa. She has done work with lifestyle brands, hotels, skincare, and clothing. Some brands include Nomo Hotel, Pattern Village, Skoon Skincare, Good Clothing, and more.

During the pandemic, Christi downloaded TikTok and performed some of the Shakespearean Sonnets. People loved it, and she now posts videos of herself reciting her own poetry to her 800,000 TikTok followers.

Category:  Poetry Books
ISBN:  9781524873820
Publisher:  Andrews McMeel Publishing
On sale:  January 2023
Format:  Paperback
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