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This Thread of Gold : A Celebration of Black Womanhood

Catherine Joy White

For centuries, Black women have been written out of the dominant narrative, their stories untold, their art appropriated. Many of them found ways to resist. Some of these acts of resistance happened in secret, in kitchens, churches, through trusted networks. Others were projected onto a global stage through art, politics and activism.

Cat White's book is an attempt to correct the historical record and to inspire a generation of readers. From Malinda Russell, the author of the earliest known cookbook by a Black woman to Negritude - a literary, cultural and intellectual movement aimed at raising Black consciousness across Africa and its diaspora, Cat features women from across time and space, liberating them from stereotypes ('strong Black woman') allowing them emotional nuance, individual motivation and richness of expression.

Cat White is an actor, writer and gender expert for the United Nations.

Category:  Social & Political Philosophy
ISBN:  9780349702605
Publisher:  Little, Brown Book Group
On sale:  July 2023
Format:  Paperback
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