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The Super-Secret Diary of Holly Hopkinson

Charlie P. Brooks

A charming domestic comedy for readers of 8+, with a dash of magic, and the occasional moment of mayhem! These are the continued memoirs Holly Hopkinson, aged ten, except without any of the rubbish adults usually put in, thank you very much.

Earlier this year, me and the rest of my family had to move to the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE after my dad lost his job.
Now my mum has just lost HER job as well, and I must once again save my family from FINANCIAL RUIN and CATASTROPHE – while dealing with silent brother Harold’s girl drama, and sorting out my older sister Harmony, who has joined the protests about a new housing development in the village.

Thank GOODNESS I am armed with my Magic Pocket Watch.

At least the business empire of Holly Hopkinson is set to IMPLODE on to the world stage as I am about to do business with a WORLD-FAMOUS HOLLYWOOD director who needs a horse and a location. . .

I tell you, I may be a world away from my old life, but the drama here never stops.


Charlie Brooks left Eton to become a stable lad for racing legend Fred Winter. After riding in the Grand National, and winning the Cheltenham Festival as an amateur jockey, he became the youngest racehorse trainer in England. He has broadcast for Radio Five and Bloomberg TV and hosted his own sports programme, 'The Charlie Brooks Show'. He is a columnist for the Daily Telegraph and lives on his farm in the Cotswolds. His autobiography, Crossing the Line, was widely acclaimed.

Category:  Science Fiction & Fantasy
ISBN:  9780008328153
Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers
On sale:  March 2022
Format:  Paperback
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