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The Story of the Hermes Scarf

Laia Farran Graves

Sought-after, sophisticated and versatile, the Hermes carre is wearable art that never goes out of fashion. Unveiling the history and artistry of the brand's silk accessory from the first designs in the early twentieth century to today, this fashion story includes a detailed behind-the-scenes look at the artisanship involved at the company's ateliers in France, as well as reviews on different scarf designs, colour palettes, dates of issue and rarity (the 'Grail' scarves).

The book includes the collaborators who have helped in the creation of over 2,000 designs, including limited editions, anniversary and tribute scarves, with highlights from renown artists and illustrators such as Hugo Grygkar, Philippe Ledoux, Kermit Oliver and Annie Faivre (who hides a monkey in her designs). Here you will discover the fashion of scarf styles throughout the decades, how to wear and tie a scarf, and the scarf in film and popular culture, along with those who made the Hermes carre a hallmark of their own - such as Queen Elizabeth II, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Laia Farran Graves is a stylist and fashion writer living in Brighton, England. She is the author of The Little Book of Prada and The Little Book of Versace.

Category:  Fashion & Textiles: Design
ISBN:  9781838611460
Publisher:  Welbeck Publishing Group
On sale:  June 2023
Format:  Hardback
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