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The Great Journeys in History

Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Follow in the footsteps of history's most renowned explorers as they undertake their great journeys across the world - and beyond

Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, David Livingstone, Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong: these are some of the greatest travellers and pioneers of all time. The Great Journeys in History chronicles their stories and many more with specially commissioned maps, from the extraordinary migrations out of Africa by our earliest ancestors to voyages to the edge of our solar system and beyond. These epic journeys have changed the world and our understanding of it.

In antiquity, Alexander the Great trekked to the Indus and Hannibal across the Alps; medieval times saw the remarkable travels of Genghis Khan and Ibn Battuta. The Renaissance brought Columbus to the Americas and the circumnavigation of the world. The following centuries saw gaps in the global maps filled by Tasman, Bering and Cook, and scientific expeditions by Maria Sibylla Merian, Alexander von Humboldt and Darwin. In modern times, the last inhospitable ends of the earth have been reached, including both poles and the world’s highest mountain, as well as the moon and beyond.

Featuring contributions from Brian Fagan, Barry Cunliffe, Paul Cartledge, Toby Wilkinson and Ranulph Fiennes, The Great Journeys in History reveals the stories of those who set out into the unknown and explored the unexplored.

Robin Hanbury-Tenison OBE, DL, Dsc, Dhc, MA, FLS, FRGS is an explorer with a conscience. He has spent much of his life travelling in the world's rainforests and deserts and campaigning to protect both them and their people. One of the few remaining explorers who merits the name, he made the two first crossings of South America from East to West (1958) and North to South (1964/5). He believes that the spirit of exploration is alive and well and never more needed than now, as we begin to realise how little we really understand our world and how rapidly we are destroying it.His latest book, The Modern Explorers, salutes both those who have inspired us in recent years and those who are continuing the tradition of pushing the limits of knowledge and human endurance.

Category:  History
ISBN:  9780500287033
Publisher:  Thames & Hudson Ltd
On sale:  September 2020
List price:  R385  
Format:  Paperback
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