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The Digital Silk Road

Jonathan E. Hillman

An expert on China's growing digital empire provides an urgent look at the battle to connect and control tomorrow's networks

'One of the most interesting and original thinkers about the rise of China' - Peter Frankopan

Its vast infrastructure projects now extend from the ocean floor to outer space, and from Africa's megacities into rural America. China is wiring the world, and, in doing so, rewriting the global order.

As things stand, the rest of the world still has a choice. But the battle for tomorrow will require America and its allies to take daring risks in uncertain political terrain. Unchecked, China will reshape global flows of data to reflect its own interests - and the lives of countless individuals enmeshed in its systems.

Taking readers on a global tour of these emerging battlefields, Jonathan E. Hillman reveals what China's digital footprint looks like on the ground, and explores the dangers of a world in which all routers lead to Beijing.

Jonathan E. Hillman is the author of The Digital Silk Road, and a Senior Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of State's Office of Policy Planning. He was previously a Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which has been named the #1 think tank in the United States. Hillman is a world authority on China's economic and foreign policy. He has also served as a policy advisor to the U.S. Trade Representative, testified before Congress, briefed Fortune 500 executives, and his commentary has been published in the Washington Post, the Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Category:  Current Affairs, Business
ISBN:  9781788166867
Publisher:  Profile Books Ltd
On sale:  August 2022
Format:  Paperback
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