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The Boy in the Smoke

Rachel Faturoti

From the acclaimed author of Sade and her Shadow Beasts comes Rachel Faturoti's brand new story - about a boy and his dad dealing with the threat of eviction and a boy from the past who might be able to help ... perfect for fans of A Kind of Spark.

Isaiah and his dad have recently moved to a new flat, but now his dad is struggling to pay rent due to illness. Soon, the landlord threatens eviction.

In history class, Isaiah is intrigued to discover that in the Victorian period, his school used to be a hospital and his flat block was once a workhouse.

In the basement of the flats, Isaiah discovers an old fireplace. When he lights it, a boy called Jacob appears. He tells Isaiah he's been sent to the workhouse after his dad disappeared. But he wants to escape. Can Isaiah help Jacob even though he's from the past ... and will Jacob help Isaiah to find a way to save his home?

The Boy in the Smoke Paperback edition by Rachel Faturoti

Rachel Faturoti is a YA and children's fiction writer, editor, and poet with a passion for broadening the scope of authentic Black representation in YA and children's fiction. She believes it's important for readers to see themselves represented well in stories. Rachel's favourite books are Skellig, Coraline and A Monster Calls.

Category:  Fiction
ISBN:  9781444963588
Publisher:  Hodder Children's Books
On sale:  August 2023
Format:  Paperback
eBook ISBN   
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