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Snowflake: Breaking Through Mental Health Stereotypes and Stigma

Lucy Nichol

Ever been called a 'snowflake' for sharing your emotions?
Or told to 'man up' when you're struggling?
Labelled a 'skiver' for taking a mental health day?

Misconceptions and negativity surrounding mental health are still alive and well (and breeding).

In this stigma-busting book Lucy Nichol exposes 10 of the most harmful mental health stereotypes. She examines where they come from and how they are perpetuated, exploring the impact of social media, the power of the press and how mental health is represented in popular culture.

With the help of experts and the voices of those affected by these harmful perspectives, Lucy proposes how we can dismantle stigma once and for all.

Snowflake is a call to reclaim this 'over-sensitive' slur as someone who is brave and authentic. To stand up to the harmful rhetoric and to show strength in vulnerability and honesty.

Foreword by Sue Baker OBE, International Mental Health Consultant, Changing Minds Globally.

Lucy is a writer with a passion for mental health awareness, music, comedy and nostalgia. She's written extensively in the media, her words appearing in the Independent, the i Paper, NME, Red Magazine, Metro, Den of Geek, Huff Post and many more. She is also a former columnist with Sarah Millican's Standard Issue magazine.

She is passionate about challenging mental health stigma - particularly addiction stigma - and has worked with a wide range of mental health charities including: Recovery Connections, Mind, Time to Change, Student Minds, Action on Postpartum Psychosis, Road to Recovery Trust, St Andrew's Healthcare and Newcastle United Foundation.

She is, unfortunately, a bit of an expert when it comes to living with anxiety, and speaks openly about growing up with panic attacks and health anxiety. Lucy has also worked on behalf of Mind and Recovery Connections providing script advice for TV soaps and dramas regarding mental health (including addiction) portrayals.

Lucy has also written two novels about mental health: The Twenty Seven Club and Parklife.

Category:  Popular Culture
ISBN:  9781801292177
Publisher:  Welbeck Publishing Group
On sale:  February 2023
Format:  Paperback
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