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Pocket World In Figures 2022

The Economist

The 2022 edition of this annual bestseller has been completely revised and updated, with new features including the origins and destinations of migrants, the prevalence of paramilitary forces, levels of slum populations and a range of indicators tracking the effects of covid-19, among many others.

It provides rankings on more than 200 topics covering 188 countries, together with detailed statistical profiles of 64 of the world's major economies, plus the euro area and the world itself, and challenges readers to test their knowledge with a quiz.

If you want to know

  • which country imports the most arms
  • the countries with the highest life expectancy
  • where most mammal species are under threat
  • which country normally hosts most tourists
  • where to get the highest broadband speed
  • who has the highest percentage of covid-19 vaccinations

this edition of Pocket World in Figures has the answers.


Now in its 31st edition, The Economist Pocket World in Figures is the indispensable primer on world affairs. Drawing from more than a hundred sources, it ranges over geography, politics, economics, health and culture to rank the performance of 188 countries and give a fascinating snapshot of the state of the world now. Whether you want to find the country with the cheapest Big Macs, the most media manipulation or the highest density of speed cameras, The Economist Pocket World in Figures has it all covered.

Category:  Teaching Resources & Education
ISBN:  9781788167642
Publisher:  Profile Books
On sale:  September 2021
Format:  Hardback
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