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More Fish, More Veg

Tom Walton

Tom Walton is renowned for his low-fuss, max-flavour, family-friendly food. More Fish, More Veg is a collection of his go-to recipes that helps you put meals featuring sustainable seafood and seasonal veg on high rotation at your place.

Some people are a little nervous about cooking fish, but with a few super simple techniques in your toolkit you'll be confident to give it a go. Tom walks you through these key cooking methods step-by-step, plus he provides pointers on sustainability and seasonality that will take the guesswork out of what fish to buy. He'll also show you how to make veg the star of the show with his vibrant veg-driven dishes that are full of life, colour and deliciousness.

Season by season, this book is bursting with easy-to-make recipes that celebrate the abundance of top-quality ingredients and make it a breeze for you to eat more fish, more veg.

Tom Walton is a highly acclaimed award-winning chef and restaurant entrepreneur.

He grew up in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, immersed in the vegetable gardens and kitchen of a Lebanese neighbour, his adopted grandmother. Her influence opened his heart and palate to a world of Middle Eastern food and culture that continues to fuel and inspire his cooking today.

In recent years, his family-friendly recipes for the home cook have inspired a tribe of dedicated fans who love his approach to food which he calls 'deliciousness': less-is-more, riotously colourful, veg-centric, boldly flavoured food that just happens to be healthy. Tom lives with his wife and three young children between Sydney and Byron Bay.

Category:  Quick & Easy Cooking
ISBN:  9781911668503
Publisher:  Murdoch Books
On sale:  October 2022
Format:  Paperback
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