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Master Your Mind to Heal Your Body

Brandy Gillmore

What if you could learn how to heal your injuries and pain using only the power of your mind?

After experiencing a life-altering accident that left her disabled, Brandy Gillmore began a journey to search for her own answers. The result of her determination, research and discovery led to what most people would call a 'medical miracle' - a breakthrough that not only cured her chronic pain and 'permanent' disability but also radically transformed her life. That miracle would develop into her revolutionary step-by-step process: the 'Gillmore Method'.

In Master Your Mind to Heal Your Body, Brandy walks the reader through her radical method, which:
1. Helps readers root out the subconscious factors that have been holding them hostage in physical, mental or emotional pain - often for years;
2. Provides them with the tools and techniques to free themselves from these subconscious factors and their corresponding pain symptoms.

Brandy has demonstrated consistent results and now coaches others on how to use their mind to heal their bodies and release them from chronic pain.

Imagine the practical step-by-step logic of Stephen Covey combined with the excitement and personal empowerment taught in The Secret, delivered with the sincerity and compassionate heart of Oprah. There you have the essence of Brandy's book. Written from a deep sense of mission and love, Master Your Mind to Heal Your Body has the ability to change our world by showing readers how to harness the greatest gift they have - the power of their minds - to heal their bodies and improve the quality of their lives.

Based in Los Angeles, Brandy Gillmore is a doctor of holistic health science, a professor of holistic medicine and a breakthrough health-coach-on-a-mission. She is an award-winning podcast host and TEDx speaker, and her interests and expertise are not limited to the world of alternative health; she is also a personal training aficionado and a martial arts champion - she has even been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame! Brandy's work is quickly captivating audiences around the world. She has been featured in the award-winning documentary On a Scale of 1-10 (2019) and the forthcoming Answers to Heal from Within, which includes appearances by actress Sharon Stone. She has also appeared in several books, articles and docuseries (including Pain Revealed (2019) and Healing Trauma (2020)), with new opportunities coming along daily.

Category:  Mind, Body, Spirit: Thought & Practice
ISBN:  9781801292214
Publisher:  Welbeck Publishing Group
On sale:  May 2023
Format:  Paperback
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