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Be transported to the breathtaking African landscape with this gorgeous board book for children (aged 3 and up) featuring real-life, high-quality sounds of African bush animals, from the roaring lion, laughing hyenas and trumpeting elephants. Coupled with the sounds are unique and fascinating facts, stunning photographs that appeal to both young and old alike.


The Little Book of Safari Animal Sounds is the perfect gift for anyone who loves nature and provides a wonderful new way of recognising wild animals in their habitats.


Sounds featured in this sound book are:


- African bush elephant,

- black-backed jackal,

- grey go-away bird,

- plains zebra,

- chacma baboon,

- African fish eagle,

- spotted hyena,

- hippopotamus,

- bubbling kassina frog,

- pearl-spotted owlet

- and cheetah.

Illustrator and Writer duo, CAZ BUCKINGHAM & ANDREA PINNINGTON, stumbled into publishing at an early age. When they aren’t in their studios making books, they can be found outside, cameras in hand, listening, looking and learning about the countryside. The majority of the images in their books are drawn from their own photographic database creating the unique and appealing Fine Feather Press style.

They have sold hundreds of thousands of books around the world which they hope will inspire children and their parents to appreciate and look after the natural world wherever they live for climate change is upon us and we need to act now.

Category:  Children’s Picture Sound Book
ISBN:  9781908489364
Publisher:  Jonathan Ball Publishers
On sale:  August 2023
Format:  Board Book
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