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Let Down Your Hair

Bryony Gordon

Introducing the YA fiction debut from bestselling author and journalist Bryony Gordon in a modern twist on Rapunzel and one girl's quest to find a different sort of happy ever after.

Barb may have zero friends IRL, but online, she is popular. Like, several-hundred-thousand-followers popular. Or at least, her hair is popular. Because Barb's hair is glossy and beautiful. Which is why hairbrush manufacturers pay her stupid money for a 30-second clip. But most of the time Barb just wants to be a typical teenager, who has friends and a life. One who isn't confined to her bedroom on the 12th floor of the tower-block flat she shares with her aunt making content. One who can go about her business without everyone obsessing over the way she looks. Barb just needs to save up some money to make a new life for herself.

But it's soon clear something isn't right. Because when Barb runs her fingers over her scalp, she feels something smooth and different. She gets out her mirrors and combs for a video and sees it ... a bald patch the size of a ten pence coin, slap bang in the middle of her head.

Barb has alopecia.

In this stunning retelling of Rapunzel, Barb must learn that she is so much more than her hair and that there is no such thing as a happy ending ... just lots of complicated new beginnings.

Gordon began her journalistic career as an intern for the Daily Express and went on to write for the Daily Mirror and the Daily Telegraph, where she has published a weekly column since 2006. She also writes the ‘How the Other Half Lives’ column for the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine.

Gordon published her first book, a memoir titled The Wrong Knickers, in 2014. It was followed by Mad Girl, in which Gordon discusses the challenges of obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia, alopecia and addiction from a personal perspective. Her other books include Eat, Drink, Run (2018), Glorious Rock Bottom (2020) and No Such Thing as Normal (2021). She has also published a self-help guide for teenage readers, You Got This (2019).

Category:  Teen's Fiction
ISBN:  9781510107472
Publisher:  Hachette Children’s Group
On sale:  October 2022
Format:  Paperback
eBook ISBN 
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