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Lando Norris

Ben Hunt

From established sports journalist Ben Hunt, the very first biography of the up-and-coming British driver Lando Norris, published on the brink of the British Grand Prix.

As the youngest ever British Formula 1 driver, Lando Norris is trailblazing his way through the world of motor racing. After signing as a junior driver for McLaren in 2017, he has since asserted himself as the team's brightest talent and an aspiring world champion.

Born to British and Belgian parents and raised in the idylls of south-west of England, Lando's childhood reflects how even the calmest of upbringings can create an adrenaline junkie. As one of a new cohort of young drivers seeking to assert their dominance in the sport, Lando is a uniquely modern sportsman, who celebrates learning and personal development, but who nonetheless has the killer instinct required to take him to the very pinnacle of F1.

In Lando Norris, motor sport aficionado and journalist Ben Hunt draws on his extensive driver and paddock access to seek to understand what makes Lando tick and examines how this young British driver has been well and truly raised in the mould of a champion.

In a twenty-year career, Ben Hunt has written for every major national in the UK. He is now the Formula One lead at the Sun newspaper. He has worked directly in motorsport for eleven years (across disciplines), as well as covering Ryder Cups, Ashes tests, and snooker championships. Football reporting has also been a solid part of his reportage, but he openly declares he 'loves anything with an engine'.

Category:  Motorsports
ISBN:  9781837730124
Publisher:  Icon Books
On sale:  September 2023
Format:  Paperback
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