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Jump Attack

Category: Sport, Psychology & self-help
ISBN:   9781788167604
Publisher:  Profile Books
On sale: November 2020
List price: R275
Format: Paperback
eBook ISBN

Jump Attack

Tim S. Grover


A fitness bible for athletes around the world, this three-phase, twelve-week program has exercises and workouts as well as cutting-edge information on training, nutrition, longevity, injury prevention, and more.

Tim Grover began training Michael Jordan in 1989, and since then hundreds of elite athletes have turned to Grover to become stronger, faster, and more powerful, both physically and mentally. From increasing Michael Jordan's vertical leap to keeping Kobe Bryant and countless other superstars in peak physical shape, Grover's methods have made the best even better, year after year.

Devised for explosive performance in any sport, this challenging workout pushes athletes out of their comfort zones, and allows anyone to train like a professional.

This is how my pros do it. If you want to become more explosive, stronger, and faster, if you want to jump higher and improve your overall athletic performance in any sport, this is exactly how we do it today: This program is the difference between jumping and taking flight.'

Tim S. Grover was Michael Jordan's personal trainer from 1989, when Jordan was starring for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. He is the CEO of Attack Athletics, an elite training facility for professional athletes, and has trained NBA superstars, including Kobe Bryant, as well as the baseball star Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez.


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