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Interdimensional Explorers Book 1

Lorraine Gregory , Illustrated by Jo Lindley

The first in a brand-new sensationally spacey, action-packed and adventure-filled middle grade series written by the incredible Lorraine Gregory – perfect for fans of MG Leonard and David Baddiel!

Nothing exciting ever happens on twelve-year-old Danny’s estate. That is until he falls through a locker in his grandad’s workshop and finds himself in an Interdimensional Lost Property Office! And – even weirder – his new boss is a giant purple squid on a segway!

Now Danny, best mate Modge and annoying cousin Inaaya find themselves in charge of returning alien items to all corners of the universe. But someone – or something – is determined to stop them. And there’s NOTHING these evil aliens won’t stop at to achieve complete multi-dimensional domination . . . even trapping Danny and his friends on a planet a million light years away from Earth.

If the fate of the entire multiverse was in your hands, what would YOU do?

Lorraine is the daughter of an Austrian mother and an Indian father and was raised on an East London Council Estate. She’s loved reading ever since she first learned how and some of her favourite children’s authors are Roald Dahl, Judy Blume, Frances Hardinge, Beverley Cleary and Astrid Lindgren.

She’s had various jobs over the years including school dinner lady, chef and restaurant manager but secretly she always wanted to be a writer. It was only when she started making up stories to entertain her son that she finally decided to stop being scared, follow her dream and try to get published. After many years of hard work she’s thrilled to have achieved her ambition.

Lorraine loves reading fantasy and science fiction and making up new worlds in her stories. Her latest book ‘Interdimensional Explorers’ is super fun because she can create as many worlds as she likes for her heroes to explore while fighting off evil aliens and generally saving the multiverse…

Category:  Children's Fiction
ISBN:  9780008508234
Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers
On sale:  July 2023
Format:  Paperback
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