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Guidance for Grief

Julie Beischel

'Dr Beischel is a courageous, innovative pioneer who has brought immense respectability to a controversial area' Larry Dossey, MD, bestselling author.

Julie Beischel PhD has spent most of her career investigating grief and after-death communication. Her research, along with that of many others, demonstrates that one of the most effective ways of addressing grief is recognizing that our connections to our lost loved ones endure. The bereaved can - and regularly do - experience a 'continuing bond' with the departed.

Based on her research, Dr Beischel mindfully developed this unique card deck to guide users through loss and grief, allowing for continuing two-way, loving, inspiring relationships with departed loved ones.

The deck features 52 cards, split into four themes: signs (which guide you to recognize specific and meaningful real-world content as potential messages from departed loved ones), messages (which feature messages from you to your loved one to emphasize a continued two-way connection), affirmations (which contain potentially transformative information and inspiration for addressing the different aspects of grief), and wisdom (which feature quotes from laboratory-tested mediums with first-hand experience of communication with the departed - including best-selling author Laura Lynne Jackson - that offer insights and tips to help you connect with your loved one).

For those seeking to explore their loss through regular reflection and ritual, this deck offers personalized hope and guidance through each user's unique experience of grief and loss.

Julie Beischel PhD is a co-founder and the director of research at the Windbridge Research Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to performing rigorous scientific research and creating educational materials focused on dying, death and what comes next. Beischel's research mostly focuses on mediums (individuals who report experiencing communication with the deceased and communicate the specific resulting messages to the living). Her research includes testing the accuracy and specificity of the information mediums report, as well as studying their experiences, psychology and physiology and the potential social applications of mediumship readings during bereavement. Dr Beischel resides in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Category:  Mind, Body, Spirit: Thought & Practice
ISBN:  9781801291507
Publisher:  Welbeck Publishing Group
On sale:  May 2023
Format:  Hardback
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