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Nina Millns

The hen party from hell, Bridesmaids meets Get Out, for fans of Nikki May, Dawn O’Porter and Zakiya Dalila Harris.

Ayesha and Yaz are working the stand-up circuit, clawing their way to success one set at a time. When Ayesha inadvertently goes viral, her trajectory changes as she’s welcomed into an exclusive group of activists: a sacred circle of change makers, each woman with a specific gift to contribute.

The circle draws Yaz in too and they are both invited to an intimate hen do, except it's not a hen do – it's a Goddess Retreat. While Ayesha tries desperately to fit herself into a shape that the women will accept, Yaz treats the entire ‘itinerary’ with open disdain. But the Goddess Retreat is no laughing matter, and they’ll need to stick together if they want to get out alive.

Goddesses is a wonderfully bitingly novel that explores the power dynamics of activism, the dark side of white feminism and the importance of making your voice heard.

Nina Millns is an author, playwright and screenwriter whose debut novel Goddesses has been optioned for TV by Roughcut TV. Her play Service won the ETPEP Playwriting Award and she has written the BBC Sounds series Mortem as well as her first play Delete and a Dr Who International Women's Day audio special Turn Of The Tides.

Category:  Fiction: Thriller
ISBN:  9781398518315
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster Ltd
On sale:  September 2023
Format:  Trade Paperback
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