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Fartnite vs. Minecrapt

Mike Rosenzweig

As seen on PewDiePie, two of the biggest video games in the history of the world get skewered in a totally unauthorized parody graphic novel!

Prepare to enter the brown-eye of the crapstorm in this totally unauthorized parody graphic novel that's been fart-approved by PewDiePie and has induced unsafe levels of cringe across the internet at large.

Experience the flatulent adventures of a motley crew of unknown soldiers forced into a FARTNITE fight on Big Butt Island where all the weaponry is powered by their own super-charged farts... leading to an ultimate battle royale with the blockheaded heroes of MINECRAPT!

Whether you're currently a grade-schooler or just a grade-schooler at heart, FARTNITE VS. MINECRAPT AND OTHER STINKY SPOOF STORIES is gonna be a gas!

Collects the comic book issues FARTNITE #1, FARTNITE: CHAPTER POO #1, and FARTNITE VS. MINECRAPT #1 into one explosive 6x9 volume plus bonus material never before seen by human eyes!


Category:  Children’s Picture Books
ISBN:  9781954366060
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster
On sale:  February 2022
Format:  Paperback
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