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Create Space: How to Manage Time, and Find Focus, Productivity and Success

Derek Draper

The crucial handbook you need to create space in your busy life.

A Financial Times Business Book of the Month

Take control of your life and create space to succeed.

We're used to feeling stressed, rushed and overwhelmed. At work and at home there are endless calls on our attention and time. We're constantly playing catch-up. But if we want to perform optimally, and reach our full potential, we must learn to pause and create space in even the busiest day.

Informed by over a decade of hands-on experience as a coach at the most senior levels of business, this book shows how to push back against the tide and create space in your life to think, relate and act on a deeper level. Learning to focus, manage time, and take control of your mental and physical space is the first step in developing and excelling in anything.

This book shows how to do just that, drawing on real-life examples and the best of both classical and cutting-edge psychological and behavioural thinking. Each chapter contains models, tools and tips that have been used effectively in some of the world's biggest organisations, and which will allow you to set your strategy, raise your productivity and create meaningful change for lasting success.


Derek Draper has worked as a leadership consultant, business psychologist and executive coach for over twelve years. He is the CEO of CDP Leadership Consultants and was previously Head of Business Development for the UK and Europe at the global consultancy YSC. He has assessed and developed senior business people in twenty FTSE 100 companies and in some of the largest privately held companies in the world, across the UK, Nordics, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Africa. He also runs a psychotherapy practice and is a Governor of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

Category:  Business
ISBN:  9781788160490
Publisher:  Profile Books
On sale:  October 2021
List price:  R275 
Format:  Paperback
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