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Beat Stress at Work

Mark Simmonds

For some, there is a high price to pay for ambition and success. The toll it can take on our mental health can be significant, particularly if we are born with the 'Worry' gene.

In Beat Stress at Work, management trainer Mark Simmonds helps you understand the effects stress and anxiety can have on your mental health and provides tools and advice to find your way through work-induced struggles.

Through sharing his own brutally honest journey and using his corporate experience, Mark sheds light on the difficulty of discussing mental health with colleagues and employers and identifies the best ways for navigating your way through a mental health crisis. The book: 

  • Encourages you to maintain positive mental health by better understanding yourself and finding a career that suits your most authentic self. 
  • Shows you how to return safely to the workplace after a period of mental ill health and communicate effectively with your peers and managers. 
  • Demonstrates how your resilience 'muscle' can help you fulfil your ambitions in the professional arena, while being mindful of your mental health. 
  • Pinpoints some of the key lessons from COVID-19 about stress management and the working environment.

Through the advice in this book, you will learn that your mental health issues may not be the barriers you view them as but may hold value in the workplace. Mark shows you that it is possible to be ambitious and successful at work because of, not in spite of, the mental health challenges you may face.

'This powerful book will help you tackle stress and learn more about yourself in the process' Sir Clive Woodward OBE

Management trainer Mark Simmonds has worked with corporate giants including Unilever, Philips, GlaxoSmithKline, Tesco and HSBC. Back in 2001, he suffered from increasing levels of stress and anxiety, leading to a nervous breakdown and a failed attempt (luckily) on his own life. Mark's career and personal experiences have given him the perfect insight into the destructive effect that stress can have in the workplace, and a unique ability to shed light on how to build resilience and enjoy a fulfilling career in spite of his mental health struggles. Melissa Doman, MA is an organizational psychologist, a former clinical mental health therapist and a mental health at work specialist. She uses both her clinical and organizational psychology experience to inform her practical and solution-focused approach, working with companies and leaders to equip them to build the skill set, mindset and behaviours required to discuss mental health, mental illness, and stress at work. Melissa has spoken and consulted for international, national, and local organizations and Fortune 500 companies across industries – including Salesforce, Charlotte Tilbury, Siemens, the NHS, and the Independent Publishers Guild. She has also been featured as a subject matter expert in global conferences, summits, digital publications and media outlets, international mentoring programs, and local television shows.

Category:  Business, Psychology & Self-help
ISBN:  9781801290128
Publisher:  Welbeck Publishing Group
On sale:  April 2022
Format:  Paperback
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